UF’s Utilities are provided by the Facilities Services (FS) Division for the Main Campus. The boundaries of Utilities’ responsibility are defined as the perimeter of the Main Campus at which we take responsibility from external vendors for purchased utilities, the generation of chilled water from 10 plants, and the operation of the 3MG Waste Water Treatment Plant.

These utilities include electricity, chilled water, steam and water as well as waste-water collection. Natural gas is not a responsibility of this unit and is provided by the local municipal utility. The FS Utilities meters and bills out more than 1500 meters on the 2000-acre Main Campus to 100+ customers.

This platform provides the Facilities Services Utilities business unit monthly energy and water usage per building for your research. If additional information is needed, plus submit a request through Business Affairs Technical Services group at: https://helpdesk.businessaffairs.ufl.edu:8443/servicedesk/customer/portal/2/create/11